Germaine Émilie Krebs started haute-couture in 1934 under the name of Alix. She first gained positive attention and acknowledgement for designing costumes in 1935 for Jean Giraudoux’s play, The Trojan War Will Not Take Place. Germain Krebs founded its haute couture fashion house in 1942 under the name Madame Grès, and directed it until 1988. She invented her artist name from her husband’s name, the Russian painter Serge Czerefkov (anagram of the first name). She created in 1950 the fragrance Cabochard, and Cabotine a few years after. Madame Grès’ work remains famous for simple lines, antique drapery and a sculptural style of design. Through the timelessness of her work, Madame Grès has become one of the major designers of the fashion history.